Receiver 2

The first iteration of Receiver was Wolfire Games’ entry into the 7-day FPS challenge. The textures were very simple, the controls were complex, but for a game created in 7 days, it was not only a technical wonder, but it brought something unique to the table in the form of in-depth weapon handling. Receiver 2, programmed over a longer period of time, gives more depth to the game overall, while maintaining the core gameplay that made Receiver so enjoyable.


Kenshi is an RPG developed and released by Lo-Fi Games in 2018. At first, the game is hostile, the user interface is clunky and confusing, and the graphics are unoptimized, making even a high-end desktop chug at times. But once the player gets over those hurdles, the game opens up to show nearly limitless role-play possibilities, and enough lore to make The Elder Scrolls blush.

How to cope with boredom and loneliness

This game has been sitting in my Steam library for quite a long time, probably since its release in 2018. It’s strictly meant as a 20 minute joke, and even its developer describes it as “Something to do while you download a proper game”. Still, it’s a very well crafted joke, and an excellent way to waste 20 minutes.