We put games on trial..

A fair one

  • Hardspace Shipbreaker
    Hardsapce Shipbreaker is a game developed by Blackbird Interactive, and had been in early access since June 2020. It’s a job simulator set in space, yet differs greatly from other games with similar tags like Kerbal Space Program and Space Engineers. Let’s see just how fun is the life ofContinue reading “Hardspace Shipbreaker”
  • Heat Signature
    Heat Signature is an action/strategy/infiltration/roguelite game released in 2017. It was created by the same group of people responsible for Gunpoint, which was released 4 years prior. The two games are vastly different, but Heat Signature improves on many fronts while remaining unique. The Man Who Went Inside Spaceships TheContinue reading “Heat Signature”
    ULTRAKILL is a fast paced first person shooter developed by Arsi Patala, and published by New Blood Interactive. It has been available since early September 2020, and is still in early access as of writing. Since its release, it’s been rapidly gaining traction in the old-school shooter community, along withContinue reading “ULTRAKILL”

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